A list of the more substantial projects I’ve worked on throughout my software development career:

Open Source

I’m the creator and maintainer of the following open source projects:

  • FullCalendar - The Most Popular Full-sized JavaScript Calendar
  • XDate - A Modern JavaScript Date Library
  • PHPTI - Template Inheritance in straight PHP


During my time at Weebly, I personally built a number of early core features including nested pages, slideshow component, theme gallery, page layouts, image editor, stock photo chooser, and mobile sites v1. I also managed the development of Weebly’s internal UI framework.


I was a cofounder of the company that built Orgu, a collaborative web publishing platform. Orgu was funded by Y Combinator in 2009.

Northwestern Infolab

As an undergraduate doing research with Northwestern University’s Intelligent Information Laboratory, I was the sole developer on these two projects:

  • Knight Rider - an experimental UI between driver and automobile, funded by the Ford Motor Company. Precursor to the Ford/Microsoft Sync (2006)
  • Super Happy Funball - a widget that delivers fun and interesting links to your desktop by leveraging social bookmarking sites and scanning open documents and webpages (2007)

3D Slime Volleyball

3D Slime Volleyball was my first foray into game development. It adds a 3D twist to the original 2D game complete with custom 3D engine and convincing AI opponents. When first launched in 2004, it received over 100,000 plays a month. It’s now impossible to play unless your browser supports Java Applets :(