XDate 0.8 and Future Development

XDate version 0.8 is released! It is mainly comprised of bugfixes submitted via Github. For more info, see the changelog.

Due to other commitments, mainly my work on FullCalendar, I will no longer be able to play as active a role in XDate’s development. I will still maintain the project for bugfixes, but I will no longer be developing new functionality.

I originally wrote XDate with plans to integrate it into FullCalendar. I wanted to use it internally as well as in the API. DateJS was around at the time, but not an option for various reasons.
I decided to have XDate follow the same method names and naming conventions as the native Date so it would be more familiar. I figured users of FullCalendar wouldn’t want to learn two API’s at the same time.

MomentJS has since become very popular. It uses a completely different syntax than XDate or the native Date, one that is very terse and jQuery-like. Its adoption has become widespread enough where I will likely integrate it into FullCalendar instead of XDate. Not to mention that it is extremely well tested and documented.

XDate is still an important project however. It is powerful while still conforming to the familiar native Date API that many many developers already understand. If you are a user of XDate and would like to be part of its future development, please contact me.

  • Tanguy Krotoff

    About Moment.js support inside FullCalendar, there is this nice Moment.js plugin named Twix: https://github.com/icambron/twix.js

    It makes very easy to work with range dates like: “Mar 31 – Apr 6, 2013”, “Monday April 1 – Wednesday May 1″…

    Twix is very well written: 200LOC, everything fully tested.

    PS: I’m not the author of this plugin.

  • Definitely. Date range functionality is something FullCalendar would need to supplement momentjs (for titleFormat for example). The only thing missing in Twix is the ability to use a format string (like http://arshaw.com/fullcalendar/docs/utilities/formatDates/)

    • > The only thing missing in Twix is the ability to use a format string
      > (like http://arshaw.com/fullcalendar/docs/utilities/formatDates/)

      Twix.js provides powerful ways to customize the format of a date range:
      and you can use a format string (the format string is passed to Moment.js), at least partially.


      moment(“1/25/2012 8:00”).twix(“1/25/2012 17:00”).format({
      // “MMMM” -> “January”, see http://momentjs.com/docs/#/displaying/format/
      monthFormat: “MMMM”,
      dayFormat: “Do”
      //=> January 25th, 8 AM – 5 PM

      Anyway, if something is missing it is easy to contribute: I’ve already made several patches.

      I use Twix.js to partially replace the toolbar from FullCalendar that contains the “titleFormat”, it works beautifully.

      + adding internationalization is on the way and easy: https://github.com/icambron/twix.js/pull/6

    • Isaac Cambron

      I’m super late to this party, but I wanted to point out Twix’s simpleFormat() function. It takes a moment format string, formats both dates, and puts a dash between them. Maybe that helps here?


      BTW, I love FullCalendar and used it heavily on the product that originally motivated me to write Twix.

      • Hi Isaac, that’s awesome. I just took a look at it again, to see how it might play w/ FullCalendar, and I’m going to message you (on github probably) with some questions.

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  • Yonny Leyva

    Hi, there is some parameter in getday to set monday as the first day on week ?

    • this functionality is not implemented, but if you use the Moment library (unrelated to XDate), you can use .weekday()

  • Ivan Kerin

    Incredible package, much more lightweight than moment but provides a lot of functionality out of the box. A bit sad that you’ve stopped developing it as I think it has a lot of promise!

    • Thanks! If you want to take over as maintainer, let me know. According to npm download stats, it is still rather actively used.