Adam Shaw

Orgu makes web publishing for groups a breeze. Originally designed for nonprofits and student organizations, it sports features such as calendaring, event registration, blogging, and photo sharing. Building Orgu was an exercise in large web application development from the ground up.

Built with PHP and Javascript. Original design. 2008

BreakthroughDenver.org serves as an informational website and blog for a Denver-based nonprofit.

Built with Wordpress/PHP. Original design. 2009

The Northwestern Infolab's website serves as the research group's public face on the web. It archives the group's papers, projects, and more.

Original design. 2006. Rebuilt with Django/Python in 2009.

3D Slime Volleyball was my first foray into game development (and certainly not my last). It adds a 3D twist to the original 2D game complete with custom 3D engine and convincing AI opponents. When first launched, it received over 100,000 plays a month.

Java applet. 2004

During my time at Northwestern University I designed a number of original websites for student organizations. 2004-2007


The Super Happy Funball is a widget that delivers fun and interesting links to your desktop by leveraging social bookmarking sites and scanning open documents and webpages.

Under the direction of the Northwestern Infolab.
Built in 2007 with Python, C#, Flash.

I was the lead developer in a research project to advance human/automobile interaction for the Ford/Microsoft Sync. Innovations include speech recognition and the use of an avatar.

Under the direction of the Northwestern Infolab, Ford Motors.
Built in 2006 with with C#.