Welcome to Willard 2007-2008
Dear Incoming Willardites,
Congratulations! Get ready for one of the best years of your life because, in addition to being accepted to Northwestern, you have also been accepted to live in Willard Residential College, a.k.a. "The Woo Shack". Willard - on top of having some of the nicest rooms and best facilities on campus - boasts a rich history, a respected and dedicated Master staff, and a strong sense of community. What's more, Willard's "multi-thematic" status allows it to attract a wide array of interesting, intelligent, and driven students. Together, these factors make Willard one of the best places to live on campus.

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*New* Photos
The site now has a lot of cute new pics from last year. Check them out by going to the "Photos" section. Thanks to all those who helped out by sending me pictures!

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New Website
The new website is up and running! Has a brand new look and a whole bunch of new features. Its still in the works however.. check back soon for updates! oh yeah... and if any of you incoming sophomores have any pictures you'd be willing to donate to the site, thatd be greatly appreciated. send them to . Thanks!

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