Adam Shaw

titleFormat 1.1

Determines the text that will be displayed in the header's title.

String/View Option Hash, default:

    month: 'MMMM yyyy',                             // September 2009
    week: "MMM d[ yyyy]{ '—'[ MMM] d yyyy}", // Sep 7 - 13 2009
    day: 'dddd, MMM d, yyyy'                  // Tuesday, Sep 8, 2009

A single string will set the title format for all views. A View Option Hash may be provided to target specific views (this is what the default does).

Uses formatDate/formatDates formatting rules. (The formatting rules were much different in versions before 1.3. See here)

A View Option Hash can only be provided in version 1.4 and later.


Support FullCalendar!