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Event Data

Event Object
A standard JavaScript object that FullCalendar uses to store information about a calendar event. Here are its properties:
Event Source Object
An "event source" is anything that provides FullCalendar with data about events. It can be a simple array, an event-generating function that you define, a URL to a json feed, or a Google Calendar feed.
events (as an array)
An array of Event Objects that will be displayed on the calendar.
events (as a json feed)
A URL of a JSON feed that the calendar will fetch Event Objects from.
events (as a function)
A custom function for programmatically generating Event Objects.
A way to specify multiple event sources.
Determines the default value for each Event Object's allDay property, when it is unspecified.
When parsing ISO8601 dates, whether UTC offsets should be ignored while processing event source data.
A GET parameter of this name will be inserted into each JSON feed's URL.
A GET parameter of this name will be inserted into each JSON feed's URL.
Determines when event fetching should occur.
eventDataTransform (callback)
Transforms custom data into a standard Event Object.
loading (callback)
Triggered when event fetching starts/stops.
updateEvent (method)
Reports changes to an event and renders them on the calendar.
clientEvents (method)
Retrieves events that FullCalendar has in memory.
removeEvents (method)
Removes events from the calendar.
refetchEvents (method)
Refetches events from all sources and rerenders them on the screen.
addEventSource (method)
Dynamically adds an event source.
removeEventSource (method)
Dynamically removes an event source.

See also: renderEvent (for adding an event)


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